среда, 2 апреля 2014 г.

Where to buy El Corazon polishes

I have some news for international readers!
As you know, I always give information on where to buy polishes I feature in my posts. And I felt really bad every time I was writing about El Corazon polishes as they were very hard to get outside of Russia or Ukraine.
So I am excited to tell you that a few days ago opened a new online shop with international shipping - Hypnotic Polish, which carries El Corazon! For now they don't have all of collections in stock, but I'm sure they will! It also carries other brands like Dance Legend, Cadillacquer, Contrary Polish, Shimmer, Rainbow Honey and many others.
P.S. Until the end of today you can get a 20% discount on everything in the shop. I know my post is a bit late, but maybe you still get to use it!

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